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security and stemming the afghan drugs flow to dominate discussions as nato is cheap because it's most of it to strengthen me god says partnership with russia who laid the groundwork for that joint summit and this spring break this month. for barack obama's democrat says results from the u.s. midterm elections showed gains for republicans that's good because one of the priority of seats in the senate but lost in the house of representatives but somebody to say none of the changes rent them out of the troubled economy. and iraq you say groups trained by the u.s. open security warning back in the hands of al qaeda that was credited to the dundon saying american left them to ensuring protection. when next all special reports on the fate of the so-called russian titanic. always thirty first nine hundred eighty six to ten pm the joint passenger liner
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admiral now he says sail from the soviet portal and over the seas on a cruise of the black sea. there are more than a thousand passengers and crew members aboard. the large boat kerry appeal to fully laden with canadian wheat is set to enter a port the two will converge fourteen minutes before midnight the freighter will ram into the stall side of the lord at full speed the ship will sink in a record eight minutes taking more than four hundred people thousands will treat grave it was the greatest disaster in the history of the soviet fleet. always the thirty first of each year a ship sets off from the pair of know what i see it leaves the same as bay to embark on an unusual mission one she's at sea she stops for an hour over the site where the crews are. fleas god bless the souls of those who perished
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only ask the foyer mare's shield law and mercy. most of the passengers on this memorial trip a survivors of the disaster and the relatives of people who died aboard the now he most of alexander goose egg is among those who attend this yearly event but he was not on the night he moved that day none of his relatives died in the disaster in one hundred eighty six he was in command of a patrolling motor boat the captain has vivid memories of the luxury of a ship entering port he had no idea that twelve hours later he would be saving the lives of those who are on board. with their feet of came in around nine of the tree of to right here. and it's attracted our attention especially because we haven't seen her in such a long time which is your beautiful ship indeed to finals and the ship is served to
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all for. people came in droves to take a look at the night he moved as she sat more just outside the marine passenger terminal the lawyer was generally claimed as one of the most impressive and comfortable ships cruising on the black sea yes he used to share a small flat with my parents and it was a cheerless drab existence when i was a child i got to the name of ship for many times and life became magical. it was an enormous and beautiful line it with many restaurants and go to start off with. all the interior of the ship was made out of a very expensive karelian would say even the grand piano. these people never met although they lived in the same city but they might have met a quarter of a century ago igor tellus and a friend decided to go on
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a cruise of the black sea during the nine hundred eighty six summer holidays their ambition was to sail aboard the net humor of the most prestigious law of the day of the tickets were hard to get back then. getting it ticket was like a miracle for the lucky ones. my mother got hold of some tickets she was working at a regional administration for tourism. a friend of mine who wants to go with me. but she couldn't because she had to study for you so i had to come alone. the excitement of passengers looking at the snow white line i was short lived in a vat for a to does soon as they boarded the ship and looked around. them a move i found that for all her external glamour it was a rotten place inside. the future passengers clamoring for
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a ticket on the moon that he more had no idea that the ship would be scrapped after that run she was already more than sixty years old. the ship was originally constructed in germany in one nine hundred twenty five and was formerly known as the berlin for some time the line operated transatlantic routes later she was conversed into a cruiser during the second world war the nazis used her as a military hospital ship. the bow inside king nine hundred forty five ultra torpedo attack and she hit a mine. into the soviet military a great deal of effort to raise the berlin. she was sent to the u.s.s.r. where she was refitted and renamed the admiral next e-mail although the line was already in a state of great decayed nine hundred eighty six the crew was still trying their best to maintain her status as the most comfortable cruiser. alone of both to the
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cinema to swimming pools a restaurant and several bottles each annoyed the ship band played for the passengers. but if. the weather was just fine least of all tourists were strolling along the streets of nova receipts. join you joyful there were no telltale signs that the ship might mean trouble later on. you. remember we sailed from. ten pm. as soon as. he radioed to traffic. to report the situation. he was told that only one. was about to enter the port. in accordance with the rules the next. but they made an exception. of the steamship line and so the freighter was ordered to give way to the passenger
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. went to his cabin leaving his assistant in charge. when they tell you don't ship away from the career of me and my female friends looked at the bubbling wanton she said. i will never be able to survive and i looked and said but. meanwhile he began to feel nervous of the free to was headed directly for them but made no change of speed or course. the captain of the pier. came with the freight it was going to give way to the. captain to the people to reassure his opposite number by saying the two ships were clear of each other however. gave no change speed course we should be sore the distance between the two ships was shrinking. to the left
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at first he changed the ship's course by five degrees five degrees and finally ten degrees. as i turned my hand in i saw the front has become a battle right in front of me and i realized then that twas about to ram into us during linguist the captain of the offensive was looking at the radar display according to it his vessel in the passenger liner would bound to pass clear of each other and fifteen minutes past eleven one of his crew shouted to him that he saw an enormous ship heading for the freighter to immediately commanded full speed. but by then it was too late for the heavy boat kariya was not responding to the wheel and was still heading for the night he moved at full speed. the fringes barreled through the starboard side of the passenger liner leaving
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a deep pool schools of metres wide. it was the that's when the collision occurred everybody was sent crashing to the floor and then in the whole the dancers to feel . as the turning of the cliff hundreds of passengers were watching a movie in the ship's cinema. you know this pool from the projectionists room when the collision occurred everybody watched the movie i loved him more than life the. early remember the scene where a tank runs down a soldier who sees a kid appeal a trick runs over it fast its head in a fountain oh blood a shoots out of his mother you know that's exactly what i felt an imperative for the kind you get in a tram when the merchants are breaking schooled. the situation was made even worse by the fact that the bulkhead doors and cabin windows were open because of the heat
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and cold ventilation the deluge of water quickly flooded the ships. aircraft that time i was on the promo not to care for my fellow sailors and to make sure you know i would draw. when the deck suddenly swelled up. debris shot into the air and people started falling off. in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven was only eighteen years old and he was the youngest crew member on board it was his maiden voyage on and he just as the ship was about to finish her service. i was at a loss i said for goodness sake dimitri what do we need to do now and then dimitris order to go to the cabin and batten down the windows quick. only a few meters away from the stern so i did just that with the lights had already gone out the. instantly sense
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that the ship was doomed. well we had just enough time to dump the sixteen life rafts not that we're trying to do same on the port side but we only managed to drop one raft. to starboard almost too much each raft weighs one hundred eighty kilos. as sea water filled the night he. the ship listed heavily. three minutes later it was. the tilt of the boat had forced those on board into one large mass with a few people can stay in place by clinging onto something that both of. the. piled up of passengers came under attack from falling objects like the benches and the like. the people who takes during the collision have no
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the angle of the boat made it impossible for them to scramble out of the guts of the cruiser. the ship's design made it hard even for sailors to get about as they were newcomers to say nothing of the passengers on top of that ship the ship had been plugged into darkness that they in fact also displaced bulkheads endorse. several hundred passengers crowded into the pool right six minutes after the collision it was clear that the water was the only salvation . after climbing onto the deck i heard a cracking sound or something. yeah i'd read somewhere that this signals that the bulkheads a caving in under pressure. and that means the end of the story. you had to fulfill the law i decided that there was no more time to tarrie i resolved to jump
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over the borders of. well then i saw that the list had already revealed the ship's underside. anyway i crouched down and began sliding towards the other side of the still wearing the white shoes that i had on the touring a performance. at the latest he was still sliding down when i saw people setting as they show us the window and i saw it with my own eyes as needle. but even if you abandon a sinking ship in good time this doesn't mean you are out of harm's way the sixteen lifer off stump by the sail is under the direction of the boat some one else and not only one half of three passengers had managed to put on the life jacket. the struggle for survival began around the sinking of one without rules or moral to booze. culture is that so much i can tell you that you are practicing to model the taliban bad guys we came we being in journalism for no pic organization with an
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unmistakable political agenda what is the difference between. a close up team has changed. where russia first free elections were held up thousand years ago. now party goes to the area that used to be a place of exile since the seventeenth century. where businesses take advantage of the wild growing products. where rich economic life gives birth to innovate of idea come to the top screech watch a close up on our. every year on the day of. patrol boat visits the. vivid memories of how. he received an order urging him to get into his patrol boat and head to the.
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accident as quickly as possible. when i arrived. on the kind you see in a town is you look at it from a distance those lights from their live jackets. to arrive at the scene of the design. began to. gather and. so on i went over the rail and started taking people on this. continued. myself in the water i swam
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a short distance away from the ship suddenly i felt a weight pulling me down. around and saw a girl and i said to her look here if you want to stay alive all you need to do is hold onto me. not so i will side by side with the ship's doctor but when i saw he was about to drown a doctor he told me he couldn't swim and i don't and that was a big surprise there after all he was a grown man i took my life jacket off and put it on him. many of the passengers couldn't swim they tried to reach the rafts but the ones who go to the ropes for pushed away any others trying to hold on to them. and i guess i approached another girl and offered my help right here on form. not that she was clean to a log or. all but. i pushed the logs forward many times before i saw
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a raft with a crowd of people claim to have a lot of very poor and i say to the girl i'm going to push this log until we reach the raft. we couldn't even approach it more your but they keep us away. get that you showed up some one and a half hours later you know they were pleasure boats but sporting green and red lights. they immediately set about taking people on board. everyone wishing to admire the town from the sea and take pictures as well to steam out. to the face has been in the business of taking tourists for a short ride around. the best part of his life and. another life saving equipment can be found under the seats of two hundred rubles
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seven. i. don't know that in the early hours of september the first this ship captain. was taking the passengers rescued from the net he moved to safety. everybody was silent they were in a state of shock no cries no moans no bus nothing of that kind. this pleasure boat was the last trying to spot ship. at four am it became obvious to them there was no hope of finding any more people. i spent sixteen days caring so-called packages. lifted to the surface by divers it was such a horrible sight that i couldn't eat for the first three days but later became a matter of routine. the scale of the catastrophe became evident on the
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morning of september the first an inventory of who had been rescued should more than four hundred people have died in the tragedy. at the crash site on the same day their job was to retrieve dead bodies from the sunken ship. told that we were to work around the clock without brakes. divers from other fleets like the pacific fleet the baltic fleet and the oracle to conflate but there was also a group from the special forces. in one thousand nine hundred six pavel dave was in command of a rescue ship used as a platform for diving it was around the operation as soon as two dives emerged on the surface.
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this is the equipment similar was used by the divers are one of them did a job the other was a standby just in case any shoddy bodies were put on this platform three to five bodies at a time of war then they were taken on board without the. wolf look this is the boat in sign a rescue ship twenty one. question was one of the few journalists allowed to cover the operation he spent several days with the divers and sailors retrieving dead bodies and saw how tough the work was. to begin with the night team of was lying on its side everything inside the ship was upside down. in the wall of a corridor known as the floor what used to be in the left hand wall no it was the ceiling and divers had to descend into that unimaginable hell.
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physical exertion was not the only problem it was psychologically difficult for divers to cope with the job of retrieving dead bodies. really since your ship had a glass promenade deck and linux h.-a caution entered it he saw eighteen dead bodies standing erect with their heads out against the glass but he remembered the screws so aleksei evacuated all of the eighteen lawdy by taking each by the hand to lead them out and. move all of us myself included who had never seen such a mass of dead bodies before. there would be a pile of twenty five to thirty five bodies on the deck at the time or. pressing effect especially during the first week because leader such emotions became. we had only one task to job done as fast as we could.
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the excruciating ordeal resulted in two more deaths on top of those that had been claimed by the next. one of the divers had stayed underwater for too long eventually running out of oxygen the other became trapped inside the ship each time divers had to make their way through piles of furniture and broken partitions. were broken. the diver by the name of shouted a call got bogged down after furniture paneling or something blocked the passage. it got stuck in a cable. when he asked for help it was told to hold on until another diver came to his rescue when we were dealing with. when the diver reached him forty minutes later he was unconscious he didn't respond to questions all we heard through the microphone was his breath. you could diver was hauling about the to the ladder
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and out into the open he stopped breathing. it was obvious that he was dead. of to do it as the rescue operation came to an end we don't swap the living for the dead was the verdict of the fleet. sixty four bodies was still inside the night he will meanwhile an investigation got on the way into the role of the two captains. to do one of the captains on september the first in the other on september the second the charges against him were formulated in accordance with the law. of the new they were to be announced on september tenth and eleventh. second mate should move ski who is at the controls at the time of the collision though it there and then captain mark over the lorry and captain took a chunk of the free to win now the main defendant's. guilt was overwhelming he
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didn't want to give right of way to a passenger ship and refused to change course he also tried to cover up incriminating evidence of to the collision by removing pages from his log book. initially when the scale of the disaster was unclear and behavior was brazen he didn't admit his guilt. the crash occurred because he had suddenly changed the course although he shouldn't have done it. after reading newspaper reports detailing the number of deaths including loss of life among children. completely. in the actions of both captains were qualified as criminal negligence and. sentenced to fifteen years in prison.
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i was too happy to see the cheap when i was child. head of the team of its foundation is a frequent visitor to this cemetery most of the crew members were born in this city notorious grandmother was an old timer to serving on the ship for more than twenty years she died together with a vessel. if you left early. i want you to know. that i'm missing here. my mother devoted ten years of her life to the foundation she created it from scratch i found in it with what little money she earned by doing chumps. just before the twentieth anniversary she was to have surgery when she found she was dying which was the day before her death she said to me. that's the foundation must
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leave all along people should come here and there should be in a human easy and in a similar and i promise to fulfill hellacious. natalia's efforts have not been in vain oldest thirty first each year surviving cousin just crew members of those who helped rescue people during that dreadful lloyd's get together around this monument in stands on cape dog office in the sword with a neck see more of saying the cloaks has stand still always showing eleven twenty those who come to the memorial observe the minutes sort of at exactly that tory and . millions died here. and made him look forward to be
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held down saying. the pain and suffering will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of liberation. here a spring of nineteen forty five on our team.


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